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The Fire Asylum Documentary

What does it mean to really challenge our commitment to our jobs, our families, or even to ourselves? Six fire fighters enter the eerie confines of a retired prison to take on the idea of commitment. How far will they go to save a life? What if it’s a family member’s life, or your own? See them face 25 straight hours of challenge – watch The Fire Asylum!

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Check out the previews:

Trailer 1  The Fire Asylum -- "What if?"

Trailer 2  The Fire Asylum -- "That's what we do"

Podcast Series: The Fire Asylum Documentary

This series of podcast interviews tells the stories of the filmmakers, producers, and assistants who created the feature documentary, The Fire Asylum.

Listen to the filmmakers and producers talk about filming The Fire Asylum Documentary using the links below. You may also visit The Fire Asylum page on SoundCloud

Podcast Interviews:

Mark Scroggins and Marty Mayes

Mark Scroggins, Executive Producer of The Fire Asylum Documentary, visits with Marty Mayes, the owner of The Fire Asylum, about filming the feature documentary and why Scroggins believed in the project and invested in the film.

Hunter Carson and Monica Moline

Monica Moline, Executive Producer of The Fire Asylum Documentary, talks to Director, Hunter Carson about her experience in being a part of investing in and filming a feature documentary about running into uncertainty.

Jinger Dunbar and Marty Mayes

Jinger Dunbar, Production Assistant for The Fire Asylum Documentary, tells The Fire Asylum Owner, Marty Mayes about what it was like working on the documentary filming and keeping up with the filmmakers and firefighters in the film as a personal assistant on set.

Ryan Zacherl and Hunter Carson

Ryan Zacherl, Producer, Editor and Co-Director from Ectovex Entertainment, recalls with Filmmaker Hunter Carson, what can happen in a short time when you are filming a documentary with six students in a class and you never know when something compelling is going to come out and you must be ready to capture it.

Michael McCoy, Marty Mayes and Hunter Carson

Michael McCoy, Documentary Filmmaker, interviews Marty Mayes, Filmmaker for The Fire Asylum Documentary and Hunter Carson, its Director. The feature film tells the stories of firefighters and looks at saving the lives of the people who save us.