​The Fire Asylum is a training crucible that burns heroes to ash and reshapes them into people for whom firefighting is not a job, but a calling. The Fire Asylum captures the hearts of fire fighters through a pattern of:

  • Tedium and Triumph. A novel, sometimes repetitive and grueling training approach puts the class's carefully selected crew through a crucible of drills in which key points of change rise within them and demand crucial decision-making skills - skills that when applied correctly can change the very behaviors that affect how you deal with stress and fatigue.

  • Clash and Cohesion. The hands-on training crucible reveals new frictions from moment to moment. Emotions challenge personal assets and liabilities. Stress builds as Fire Asylum Chief Marty and his Nomad crew dig out secret "Hero" dreams and Old-timer traumas, to find the heart of discord and provide the opportunity for discovery, growth, and maybe even redemption.

  • Controversy. The starkness of The Fire Asylum challenges crew and instructors alike: Exactly what is The Fire Asylum? What is the value of saving life and property? What’s the currency—whose lives, which property, at what effort and cost?

  • Personal Discovery. The students and Fire Asylum instructors embark on a journey together— discovering the synergy—between self-fulfillment and social duty. The Fire Asylum demands answers from all who enter: “Is this a job or my calling?”

Enter The Fire Asylum…if you dare!

About The Fire Asylum